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Editorial photographers specializing in travel and the outdoor industry.

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TOPA is an online professional photography group geared toward travel, outdoor, and adventure photographers. Our email forum deals specifically with the business issues of our profession, including contracts, copyright, pricing, negotiation, and marketing for both assignment and stock photography. An offshoot of the Editorial Photographers (EP) group, we are founded on the principle of peer mentorship and education for the purpose of building a sustainable freelance photography business environment.

Who We Are

TOPA counts over 600 travel, outdoor, and adventure photographers spread across the globe. Our main presence is an online forum allowing photographers to discuss business issues. The group also organizes an annual "state of the industry" meeting at the Summer Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah.

How To Join

Membership to TOPA is restricted to working photographers and illustrators specializing in the adventure, travel, outdoor, wildlife, and nature photography markets for either assignment or stock. Membership is free.

To join the email forum, visit and click on "join this group." All applicants will be vetted to ensure that admission is allowed to working professional photographers only. So as to encourage open and frank discussion, photo buyers, editors, and art directors are not allowed access to the group. Please provide your full name, a brief list of clients, publication experience, or a webpage reference in the comments area of your application. A TOPA moderator will process your membership as soon as possible.

NOTE: Your admission to the group will be GREATLY expedited if you provide a website reference at the time of your application.

By default new members will receive "digest" emails. If you prefer "individual emails" or to view the posts via the web, changes can be made under the membership preferences at the Yahoo Groups site.

Volunteer and Intern Opportunities

While individuals working hard can improve the photography industry, individuals working in concert can change it now, for everyone. Get involved. Every effort makes a difference. Visit our Contact page for a list of volunteer and intern opportunities.

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